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Our Story

Cardinal Signs was founded out of frustration and faith.


In our combined 50 years of experience, we have worked for local and national companies who often cut corners, took safety lightly and hired substandard installers and subcontractors. These practices allowed those companies to cut cost, but at the expense of the customer.


We believed that we could do it right, efficiently and with kindness. We have run Installation, Customer Service, Safety, Personnel, Manufacturing, Project Management, Purchasing and Design departments. There is no area we don’t understand like the back of our hand. We have been in the field and on the phone, we’ve been in the bucket and behind the wall, on the roof and in the board room. We’ve laid vinyl, stretched faces, trim capped, re-lamped, installed ballasts and measured around the world at least once! Cardinal Signs was founded because we know we can do it better, cost efficiently and ethically.

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